The 11 Cyber-Gurus to Follow on Twitter

If you want to learn more about cybersecurity, digital solutions, or technology tips, here are our top 11 suggestions of which cyber-gurus to follow.

1.  Eugene Kaspersky ()

Kaspersky is the Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) with 28 years of experience in cybersecurity solutions under his belt.  His feed is full of informative articles, witty banter, and links to his blog.  He promotes others in the cybersecurity field with the intention in mind to further the importance of protecting your data.

2.  Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog)

Schneier, who The Economist described as a “security guru,” is the Chief Technology Officer at IBM’s Resilient.  Having written textbooks on cryptography, he knows his stuff.  He may not say much, but Schneier shares articles worth reading if you want to learn more about the cyber world as a whole.

3.  Troy Hunt (@troyhunt)

As the Microsoft Regional Director and expert in Developer Security, Hunt is one brainiac we love to hear from.  He is consistent in announcing new developments and innovations in the tech world while also sharing his insight through his blog posts.

4.  Bill Brenner (@BillBrenner70)

The former Senior Content Strategist at PKWARE, Brenner is now a content strategist at Sophos.  Brenner fills his Twitter with IT security suggestions, helpful articles regarding cybersecurity world news, but he is not all tech and no human.  Brenner runs a personal blog called The OCD Diaries where he discusses his struggles and successes in overcoming anxiety.

5.  Eric Vanderburg (@evanderburg)

As the Director of Information Systems and Security at JurInnov, Vanderburg is an author and expert on information security.  We love his Twitter feed for always keeping us informed on worldwide cybersecurity news and his intuitive LinkedIn articles about cybersecurity.

6.  Dr. Jessica Barker (@drjessicabarker)

Not only does Dr. Jessica Barker run a cybersecurity consultancy, but she also specializes in the research and development of the human side of cybersecurity.  Her work and Twitter feed focus on communication, human behavior, and social culture, which makes her one of our favorites.

7.  Dan Cornell (@danielcornell)

We may have a slight bias to this San Antonio native, but he proves his expertise in software and security development as the Chief Technology Officer of the Denim Group – an independent app security firm.  He updates his feed with vlogs and conversations about cybersecurity, but if you want to check out a TEDx Talk he did right here in San Antonio, click here.

8.  Brian Krebs (@briankrebs)

An investigative journalist by day and expert in cybercrime by night, Brian Krebs is one to follow.  He has witty banter between other cyber experts on Twitter, but he also features important articles relating to spam and cybercriminal behavior.

9.  Juliette Kayyem (@juliettekayyem)

Now a national security analyst at CNN, Kayyem was once an Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security with extensive knowledge in terrorism and national security.  She has written 3 nonfiction books regarding her specializations and she maintains her Twitter audience with national security updates worth reading about.

10.  E.J. Hilbert (@ejhilbert)

Hilbert is an expert in cybersecurity that we feel needs recognition for his consistency in updating his followers with worldwide news about security and his cleverly written content.  As a former FBI Cyber and Counterterror Agent, Hilbert is one to follow simply for his knowledge and and expertise.

11.  Us! (@DefLogix)

We will always keep you up-to-date on today’s cybersecurity news and share information worth keeping up with.  Follow us on Twitter for more!