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System firmware (a.k.a BIOS) malware has greater access and control of a machine than any other kind of malware. The march towards standardization of firmware with UEFI has made widespread infection of firmware a very real and costly possibility. Erasing the operating system or reformatting a hard drive may not delete the malware. Shimmix works on the firmware level to prevent such an attack. 

SHIMMIX is a series of BIOS monitors, each with a single focus, providing comprehensive protection for any device (server, desktop, laptop, or tablet) against malware. It begins when you start your device and stops only when you power down. 

SHIMMIX software is an available option for Def-Logix desktop and laptop systems.

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Insider Threat Prevention

The most damaging threats do not always come from the outside. Stay ahead of insider threats and prevent them from doing any costly damage to your business with Def-Logix Insider Threat Prevention.  Your company’s insiders already have access to your most valuable data and can pose a threat to your company in the form of fraud and theft of intellectual property.  At least 80 million insider attacks happen each year

With Def-Logix Insider Threat Prevention is a system that will categorize insider threat by analyzing psycho-social profiles to identify potential risks within your company. It is a simple and flexible solution to view potential threats that offers a simplified analysis of user activity data. This system was designed to reduce false positives and discover hard-to-find threats. 

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Trusted User Module (TUM)

Under the TUM Project, we are constantly looking for practical applications for mobile security technology, such as being able to start your car as soon as you are in its vicinity.

 Why is this  so important? Passwords and usernames can be easily forgotten. Setting up login information for multiple devices takes time and slows down your productivity. Stolen devices can reveal your company's sensitive information to the public.  
TUM is a wearable device that allows for single sign-on for multiple devices and secure connections made from your devices. This allows you to input usernames and passwords once without having to login every time.
TUM is an ongoing project.
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According to Brian Dye, Symantec's Senior Vice President for Information Security, "Anti-virus is dead." Malware and viruses are now more powerful than your anti-virus software. Stop malicious processes before they do any damage; prevent zero day attacks with Entrap. 

Entrap is an anti-rootkit kernel driver that can be used on Windows and Linux (in development) that collects events and updates client-side signatures used for encryption and secure data reception from remote hosts. It is a web-based server application that can be installed on servers and on local machines.