Def-Logix is a superior provider in the delivery of effective cyber security solutions to businesses and government organizations of all sizes. Def-Logix protects our customers from hackers and cyber criminals. By conducting cyber security research, we develop and provide expertise and custom software for our clients. Def-Logix strives to provide technology expertise to strengthen cyber security posture, increase awareness, provide risk evaluation, and support and defend against malicious cyber attacks.

Def-Logix understands your business matters. Let us help you protect it.

Services, mobile, computer, security

Core Capabilities

• Cyber Security Research and Development
• Secure Software Design & Development
• Secure System Design
• Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
• Network Security Architecture Development
• Computer and Network Forensics
• Security Risk Assessment
• Insider Threat Prevention


541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 Computer Systems Design
541513 Computer Facilities Management
541519 Other Computer Related Service
541712 Research & Development Physical, Engineering, Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)