Def-Logix is a superior provider in the delivery of effective cyber security solutions to businesses and government organizations of all sizes. We protect customers from hackers and cyber criminals. Through conducting cyber security research, we use our skills to provide custom software for our clients. The Def-Logix team provides technology expertise to strengthen cyber security posture, increase awareness, provide risk evaluation, and defend against malicious cyber attacks.

Def-Logix understands your business matters.

Let us help you protect it.

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Core Capabilities

• Cyber Security Research and Development
• Secure Software Design & Development
• Secure System Design
• Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
• Network Security Architecture Development
• Computer and Network Forensics
• Security Risk Assessment
• Insider Threat Prevention


541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 Computer Systems Design
541513 Computer Facilities Management
541519 Other Computer Related Service
541712 Research & Development Physical, Engineering, Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)