Software Developer

We are seeking a software developer with experience in writing unit and functional tests.


This position involves writing unit tests for a C++ application and requires familiarity with testing client-server communications. You will be expected to adhere to agile programming methodologies for test-driven development. You must be able to write test cases for code that has not yet been written, then assist in monitoring development progress toward passing those test cases. Unit and functional tests will be fully automated, to be performed by a continuous integration platform running Windows and Linux environments. You will assist in writing code, including both test code and feature development. Your work will inform and guide our standards for new projects and for retrofitting existing projects with proper testing capabilities.


* C/C++ development
* Writing unit tests
* Designing and writing functional tests
* Agile programming methodology
* Test-driven development
* TCP/IP networking and troubleshooting

Preferred candidates will also possess knowledge of:

* Writing applications using SSL/TLS libraries
* Basic administration of Windows and Linux systems
* Git
* Scripting with Bash, PowerShell, or Python

Bonus skills that would be helpful:

* Elasticsearch / Logstash / Kibana
* Django
* React (JavaScript)
* C#

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Position: Software Developer

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Employment Type
Cyber Security
Job Location
San Antonio
Date posted
December 26, 2018
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