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We specialize in computer and network security research and development. We utilize, integrate or modify best-of-breed tools and applications from commercial off-the-shelf, government off-the-shelf and open-source software.

Work with government customers consists of integrating & developing applications for network forensics, intrusion detection and exploit detection. In addition, we evaluate commercial, government and open-source software applications and appliances.


Shimmix - at reboot

Protecting your computer from threats, this product runs at reboot to take firmware and system measurements, detect compromises and restoring the environment to full functionality.

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Entrap - internal & external threats

End to end protection that detects 90% of both internal and external threats to your computer.

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All Products

For information on all our products, visit our Products page.

DEF-LOGIX Headquarters

  • 307 E Ramsey
    San Antonio, TX 78216
  • 210.702.3409
    866.671.8228 FAX